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Is a Lakeland septic tank cleaning really that important? Yes, it is. Learn more about what can happen if you neglect a septic tank cleaning

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Your home's septic tank is something that not a lot of people think about until its too late. Fortunately for you, your next Lakeland septic tank cleaning company is at the ready to help make sure that this isn't going to be a problem that you're going to deal with for long. Atomic Septic Tank is ready and waiting to take care of all of you septic tank related needs.

With great prices and a top-notch service, our company can't be beat. Whether you're in the need for a septic tank cleaning in Lakeland or in the nearby area, a repair, installation, or inspection, we are the answer to your problems! All you need to do is give us a call today, and we can get you started!


When Am I Need of a Septic Tank Cleaning?

Like we said, your home's septic tank tends to be one of the most overlooked structures in anyone's home. People tend to forget that it's there until a problem occurs. The issue here is, some of the problems caused by a full septic tank can result in some serious health risks to you and your family.

For example, one of the more serious issues that you might have to deal with when it comes to your septic tank is if the sewage waste in your tank overflows into your yard. This is a serious issue because this can cause a number of health risks related to the exposure of the sewage waste.

As much as possible, you should be fully aware of the best time to get your septic tank cleaned before it gets to this point. On average, for a normal household, you should be getting your tank cleaned every three to five years. However, there are a couple of factors that youre going to need to take into account before you decide on the cleaning schedule that you want to stick to.

If you have a larger household, then it's pretty much a given that you're going to need to space your tank cleaning schedules closer to each other. A single person household can go up to six or seven years on a single tank cleaning.

Size is another factor as well, smaller tanks are going to need more frequent cleanings. However, as mentioned, make sure that you stick to this schedule and never wait until you and your family are dealing with the repercussions of a full septic tank.

What Are Some Of The Problems I Will Face With a Full Septic Tank?

Right now, things seem fine and there's nothing to worry about. Since you've got our number, you'll have someone at the ready to handle a septic tank cleaning when you need it to. However, the main goal here is to get your tank cleaned before any of these problems arise, to minimize the amount of damage that it can cause to your family and your home. Take note of some of the issues you will face if you neglect a regular cleaning for your septic tank.

Pooling Water

If your tank is backed up, then it may result in an overflow and generate puddles around the tank. As a result, you may find your yard flowing with unfiltered waste, which is a serious health hazard for your family.

Leaky Pipes

Your pipes can be severely affected by a tank filled to capacity. Because it isn't draining properly, your home's pipes can get damaged, leading to extra costs due to pipe replacement or repair.

Backed up Drains

This is one of the most highly reported signs of a septic tank issue. If you find that your toilet isn't flushing, or your drains are taking quite a while to drain, this can be indicative of an overfull septic tank. Backflow is another common issue that can cause a myriad of problems for you and your family.


Make sure that you avoid all of these septic tank problems by reaching out to Atomic Septic Tank today! We'll take care of all of your septic tank concerns so that you never have to worry about this. We are a Lakeland septic tank cleaning company dedicated to providing only the best service for each and every one of our customers.

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