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Lakeland Septic Tank Pumping to Keep Your Tank Smooth for the Holidays

For all of your preparations this holiday season, most homeowners don’t realize the importance of preparing their homes in anticipation of the holidays. Not in the decorative sense, but more like in the practical sense. In this case, we’re talking about your septic system. You should be aware of how the holidays can really do a number on your plumbing and septic system. To make sure that it handles it properly, find out how Lakeland septic tank pumping and other tips can keep your tank smooth over the holidays.

How are the holidays bad for my tank?

First things first, how are the holidays bad for your septic system? Keep in mind that your septic system is designed to handle the water load of a specific number of people. If you’re having a party and a large volume of people use your toilets, it will overload your system, causing damage.

Let your guests know what can and can’t be flushed

The first thing that you should do is let your guests know what you can and can’t flush down your toilets. When it comes to your plumbing, you really shouldn’t be flushing anything else except waste and toilet paper down. Anything more than that can clog your pipes. Provide a waste bin so that your guests have somewhere to dispose of the other forms of waste.

Pump your tank

If you know that you’re going to be hosting parties over the holidays, you should be having your tank pumped. This will help make sure that your tank is sufficiently prepared to handle the sudden increase in how much wastewater it will have to process.

Pace your system

If you have family and friends staying over for extended periods of time, then you should learn how to pace your system to avoid overloading your septic system. This means doing dishes and laundry in large loads, not small batches. This is much easier on your septic system.

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